Tile Regrout and Recaulking Services

Affordable way to update the look of your shower and bathroom!

One of the easy and inexpensive things homeowners can do to improve the look of their shower is regrouting the tile. While tile itself is very durable and generally will not lose their original beauty and shine, grout joints will typically begin to deteriorate and lose the color over a period of time. Regrouting a bathroom is a lot cheaper than retiling and will help prevent mold from forming behind the tiles that are already in place.

A to Z Contracting can remove and replace old grout and give your bathroom a like new look. The whole project is generally performed in one day without a need of removal and installation of tile. You will have your shower ready for use within 48 hours.

beautiful shower wall tile by A to Z Contracting inc Minneapolis Minnesota

When to Regrout:

  1. Look for mold build up on the grout. If this mold is not easily removed with household cleaners, it may be time to regrout.
  2. Pay attention to tiles that are becoming loose. This is an obvious sign that the grout in between the tiles is breaking down.
  3. Pay attention to areas of the shower where there could be water leakage. If homeowners think that an area of their shower is leaking or that water is getting in between the tiles, it may be time to regrout.

Regrouting helps keep the seal between tiles water tight. This will prevent water from leaking between the tiles and causing mold buildup. It can also help increase the value and visual appeal of any bathroom. The homeowner can even choose to add color to the new grout to change the entire look of the shower.


New caulking around the tub and or shower edges provides that clean look you have been trying to achieve. Our environmentally friendly products are designed to specifically for wet areas and provide a superior seal and appearance.

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